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Detox Center in Florida


What is a Detox Center?

This detox center helps individuals get their lives back by helping them with their addictions to drug or alcohol. They detox the patients by going through a series of steps to gradually get off and stay off. This facility, Detox of South Flordia, provide programs of 30-90 days depending on the patient's situation of how intense their addiction is. They use compassion to help with the programs to avoid negative results, such as frustration or anger. The facility doesn't just help with rehab results but result for one's health. A benefit of detoxing the body of addiction.


What are Results of Alcohol Addiction?

The results of an alcohol addiction without detox, other than the finances of spending more money on alcohol and the social status with others, are cardiovascular or other heart problems. Cancer or liver disease, respiratory issues, and it can weaken the immune system. Alcohol addiction can even cause insomnia and probably a stroke. At Detox of South Flordia, on a normal day, it goes by a schedule like this, starts it out with breakfast to help focus throughout the day. Then group sessions guided by professional therapists and counselors. It helps the patient talk about how they got involved, help them see their triggers to the addiction, and learn how to avoid these triggers. Detox of South Flordia doesn't just do alcohol detoxing, but also drug detoxing.


Contact Info:

If you need to reach the Detox of South Flordia for any further information, you can call at 863-623-4923. Or you can email them at admissions@detoxofsouthfl.com or support@detoxofsouthflordia.com, they are open 24 hours for any questions or concerns. Their headquarters is located at, 608 Northeast 2nd Ave, Okeechobee FL, 34972. Their other locations are at Miami, Orlando, West Palm Beach, and Fort Lauderdale. You may also click this detox-centers- Florida for other info.