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The Three Things You Cannot Do For Someone Living With Addiction


Living with addiction is not an easy thing to do. I say that as someone who has been on both sides of the fence. I know what it is like to be the addict. I also know what it is like to be the one who suffers from someone else's choices.

You Are Not In Control

This is the biggest lesson I have had to learn. You cannot force someone to stop. You cannot force someone to listen. They need to make the choice to quit.

"Addiction is a self-diagnosed disease."

Do the Work

They need to make the commitment and do the work. Relapse is part of the process. Your goal is to help the person but at an arm's length. You should not have to babysit the person.


Boundaries is a big issue for some. You need to set some boundaries for yourself and the other person. Enabling the person is not going to get you anywhere. In fact, enabling will only make the situation worse.

You need to be tough. Tell the person when they are violating a rule. They may hate you in the beginning, but they will respect you in the long-term. You need to put your foot down. Tell the person what you are willing and not willing to do for them.

You will face situations where the person says they "want you out of their life." They are playing a guilt trip on you. They will say things like this to use as a bargaining chip. You need to hold your own with the addict.

You may face situations where the person comes over drunk or high when you have told them not to. You should be calm and firm, telling them that this does not work for you. You may need to kick them out of your home for a while.

The point is, you cannot be afraid to set the boundaries because they are in no position to do it themselves. Learn more about the best rehabilitation centers come visit detox-centers- Florida.