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Detox Centers in Florida


At South Florida Detox Centers, clients begin their treatment by being cleansed of toxic substances before rehabiltion begins. This center specializes in treating both drug and alcohol addictions by employing the best professional experts who are highly knowledgeable in substance rehabilitation. There are five locations in South Florida including Orlando and Miami. Patients have a choice of inpatient or outpatient services.

 The Team

Detox Centers of South Florida employs eight highly trained staff members to treat drug and alcohol clients. On the staff, there are three doctors of gastroenterology and internal medicine. Each doctor experienced in detox protocol is upbeat and positive about a successful rehabilitation experience.


Whether a patient is suffering from alcohol or drug abuse, medications like Disulfiram are used as part of the detox treatment. Once the body is cleansed of toxins, Detox Centers of South Florida follows up with behavioral therapy to help the clent find better ways to cope with stress. Relapses aren't considered a failure. Clients who relapse can return to the treatment center to have their treatment adjusted. Treatment includes reducing withdrawal symptoms that patients experience when they are taken off drugs or alcohol.

 What Clients Say About Detox Centers of Florida  

Clients give Detox Center of South Florida a five star rating. This rehab center has a staff that can put to rest any fears and anxieties a patient has. The detox center has a systematic approach that can help a patient shed bad, addictive habits and be on the path to healthy ones. One woman was delighted with her boyfriend's positive transformation after being treated at the detox center. Another satisfied customer said he was delighted with the individualized treatment program he experienced. Overall, many clients prefer this center to the ones they tried. Learn more about detox and rehabilitation come visit detox-centers-Florida.